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We are Super Boost Up and we provide a wide range of services from digital marketing to software and IT solutions. We strive to make companies digitally empowered and provide them with the tool and a way to make it through this digital world. We are working dedicatedly and hard to put our fingerprint on the digitalization of our country. We are here to help you move one step forward by providing the latest and efficient software and IT solutions    

Super Boost Up is a great way to your next by providing an up to date technology solutions that will help your company perform efficiently and productively. Super Boost Up IT solution provides a wide range of Services that will be a great asset your company by being top-notch in giving you all you need in standardizing, automating and speeding up your operation and resource flow.


What Clients Say


What Clients Say

Software And IT Solution Services We Provide Include

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • School Management System
  • App Development

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

ERP is a software system that helps you run your entire business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

ERP is the process of managing all resource and their use in the entire enterprise in a coordinated manner. It is a set of integrated business applications or modules that carry out common business functions. Support businesses through optimizing, tracking, and maintaining business functions.

Why Do We Use ERP?

A human resource management module usually encompasses all the features of a workforce management application and offers additional capabilities. HRM could be viewed as CRM for employees. This popular module has detailed records on all employees and stores documents like performance reviews, job descriptions and offer letters. It tracks not only hour’s worked but also paid time off sick days and benefits information.

The finance and accounting module is the most important ERP module because it allows businesses to understand their current financial state and future outlook. Key features of this module include tracking accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) and managing the general ledger. It also creates and stores crucial financial documents like balance sheets, payment receipts and tax statements.

A warehouse management system (WMS) consists of software and processes that allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out.

Budget Management allows you to gate the budget initiation process and orchestrate the perspectives of risk, business alignment, capacity and budget constraints. It generates a what-if scenario that optimizes the budget structure yearly plan while supporting the changes it undergoes throughout the also Creates a framework for annual budget planning Captures requests for budget (demand management),Provides annual plan summary Conducts what-if scenarios, manages end-of-year procedure

The customer relationship management (CRM) module stores all customer and prospect information. That includes the company’s communication history with a person—the date and time of calls and emails, for example—and their purchase history. A CRM improves customer service because staffers can easily access all the information they need when working with a customer.

Document management systems (DMS) is usually a computerized system used to store, share, and track and manage files or documents. Some systems include history tracking where a log of the various versions created and modified by different users is recorded. The term has some overlap with the concepts of Content Management system. It is often viewed as a component of enterprise content Management systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems

ERP e-commerce integration has become an increasingly popular choice for B2B organizations looking to create an efficient online sales channel. For most B2B companies, a functional ERP ensures different business management applications work together. It allows back-office functions, such as product or catalog management, Information Technology (IT) services, inventory software, warehouse/stock management to be completed harmoniously.

Portfolio Management allows you to collaboratively create automated workflow and approval processes that support your ability to propose, plan, and control your project portfolios. The highly configurable solution can be adapted to meet specific process requirements.

Super Boost Up ERP Project Management assists if your business is looking for greater flexibility and increased productivity while also grappling with the problems of complexity and change, then you probably need the tools that will help you visualize and manage these complexities. You also need a way to review, revise and revamp operations right down to the process level.

School Management system is a web based system which will be used as a platform for interaction between student, teacher and parents while the main objective is to computerize the paper work in the system and automate the work. Computerization is done so that the storage of all the details regarding students and teachers will be stored in the system which makes system centralized and the chance of duplication of any data is minimized.

The benefits of School management system are :

  • Saves time and resource 
  • It modernize the school system
  • Decreases work load 
  • Foundation for Future Improvement
  • Improved collaboration

This system has 12 large modules and each modules has many functionalities 

  1. Student modules 
  2. Academic modules 
  3. Class modules 
  4. Attendance modules 
  5. Subject modules 
  6. Exam modules 
  7. Finance modules
  8. All users’ management modules
  9. Office management modules 
  10. Website management modules 
  11. System management module 
  12. Academic session management modules

App Development

App development is the process of making software for smartphones, tablets, and digital assistants most commonly for Android and iOS operating systems. The Software can be pre-installed on the device, downloaded from the mobile app store, or accessed through a mobile web browser. Super Boost Up will develop apps that will enable you to become easily accessible and available to your customers. Currently online Purchasing has become more and more familiar to our society and many are choosing online purchasing as their mode of purchasing Mobile Application is one of the ways for this situation.

Why Mobile App?

  • Facilitates Marketing
  • Helps to be easily accessible to your customer
  • Save time and resource 
  • It modernizes your company
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